Understand data using Collibra

Collibra is a data catalog that contains metadata, which is data about the data at CU. It does not store actual student or employee data. Instead, it provides visibility and context about data, making it easier to classify, discover and protect.

The University of Colorado Data Governance & Management project is developing a CU-wide data governance program in Collibra to improve understanding of and access to institutional metadata, as well as employ effective usability and security of CU's data.

The Collibra Data Catalog is a central source of reviewed and curated information about CU data, technology assets and specific business terms. Our CU-wide Data Catalog enables data discovery and efficient, collaborative governance of data assets. Use of the CU Data Catalog improves data literacy, increases our ability to make data-informed decisions, and ultimately advances and accelerates the implementation of CU’s strategic plans.

With a quick search in Collibra:

  • A new employee can look up what business terms mean in the glossary to help them onboard to their job.
  • A report user might seek to verify the information source for the data results they see.
  • A data researcher might use it to see if a report or a data set already exists, preventing duplication of work.

There are many more user stories and scenarios where Collibra improves our ability to make confident decisions based on data.


Find campus-specific instructions on how to log in and access Collibra.

Collibra roles at CU

Find information on roles, site owners and the Data and Business Intelligence Stakeholder Committee.


Find information on submitting a help ticket, how-to-guides and training resources.