A single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases

Enterprise Content Services can transform your organization by managing your content, processes and cases on a single platform. Whether you implement a single departmental solution or deploy solutions across the entire enterprise, you will increase productivity, reduce operating costs and minimize risk. Improve your level of service by empowering your employees with the information they need, when they need it and minimizes your compliance and eDiscovery risks.

CU's current application for Enterprise Content Services is OnBase. OnBase provides a single platform on which to build content-enabled applications. With one system to support, maintain and upgrade, you’ll realize a low total cost of ownership and minimize IT sprawl.

  • Maintain copies of your most critical business documents in a high-capacity, high-availability electronic content repository
  • Intelligently manage records throughout their entire lifecycle—from inception to management to archiving to destruction
  • Easily share information through a solution that supports all aspects of electronic document processing with common software
  • Data can flow across the various organizations to promote efficient and consistent business processes
  • Rapid Application Development - low-code rapid application configuration to create content-enabled solutions across the entire enterprise
  • Easy to use, easy to implement, easy to manage

Direct and Intuitive Benefits

  • Faster business transactions
  • Increased access to information
  • Increased data integration across applications
  • Fewer errors
  • More effectively integrated systems
  • Ease of support
  • Central authentication and authorization systems
  • Reduced software costs with Enterprise licensing
  • Improved performance of professional staff, due to enhanced management information capabilities
  • Automated process steps facilitate faster processing of information
  • Enhanced agency reputation

Key Capabilities of the Service

  • Capture documents and data: Scan paper documents, Import electronic documents and information, Extract data from your documents
  • Content Management: Revisions, Electronic signatures, Docusign Integration, Rapidly distribute the right documents to the right employees, Easily track and prove employee acknowledgements for regulatory compliance audits, Full auditing of all end user and administrative user actions
  • Process Automation: Business process management (BPM), Automates repetitive tasks and rule-based decisions, Manages complex approval processes, Identifies and verifies related documents, Load-balances work across teams
  • Workflow Automation: Industry leading workflow engine, Rich set of point-and-click configurable rules and actions allowing business processes to be quickly automated with no need for custom coding
  • Case Management: Centralizes all information surrounding a case and provides users with all the tools they need – whether they’re resolving an issue, managing a claim, fulfilling a service request or onboarding an employee. Point-and-click configurable platform. Rapidly configure content-enabled business applications with a low-code platform
  • Customer Communications Management: Automated business process and workflow notifications, Template based communication: Dynamically aggregate information from multiple data sources, including external data sources, user inputs and system values, Flexible distribution options including e-mail, print, and automatic archiving, Flexible security options on both templates and final documents, Leverage external data in documents using XML, SQL statements or Unity Scripts
  • Reporting and Analytics: Business process analytics, Eliminate blind spots and maintain clarity with business process visibility, Document process intelligence analyzes business process quality in near real time, Actionable process insights detail which business process improvements are required.
  • Search: Full Text Search across all content, Unify access to all of your information, Extract more meaning and insight from your content
  • Retention and Records Management: Minimize risk and support compliance by securely storing, protecting and destroying your information in accordance with applicable regulations – without needing to purchase additional third-party software or hardware. Via powerful encryption, OnBase secures your important data when it’s at rest, in motion and being accessed. Simplify the implementation of retention plans and policies. When content is ready for disposition, OnBase sends it for review or automatically destroys it according to your requirements.
  • Access content from anywhere: A personalized, intuitive user interface, Web clients, Windows clients, Mobile clients, MS Office Integration
  • Integrate: Purpose-built integrations for many widely-adopted applications, including PeopleSoft, Microsoft Office, DocuSign, MDM Search Match, SAML SSO, Data-level integrations, Web Service integrations


Updated: 03/18/20202

Use Cases

Historical Records:
Permanent Record Cards (PRCs). All historical student class and grade information from the university’s founding until 1988.
Student Content:
Transcripts, applications, appeals, resumes, etc. Content for financial aid, student records, student finance, student advising, continuing education, disability services and more.
Faculty/Staff/Employee Content:
Personnel files, benefits, leave, job data, performance management and other human resource content.
Financial Content:
Contracts, Journal entries, allocation documents, asset tag information and other financial content.
Governmental Content:
Selective Service, DD214, etc.
Business Support Content:
Content that supports operational work of the university such as annual reports, budget proposals, correspondence, meeting materials.

Current Service Users

Departments using OnBase listed as: Benefits, Security, Vice Chancellor for Research, Disability Services, Advancement, Human Resources, Transfer Credit, Registrar, Intl Student Services, Financial Aid, Bursar, Pre-collegiate Dev Program, Academic Advising, Admissions, Grad Schools, Finance, International Admissions, Continuing Education, President's Office, School of Medicine, Veteran's Affaris, College of Education, Leeds MBA, Law School, Arts and Sciences, College of Architecture and Planning, School of Dental Medicine, Grants and Contracts, College of Engineering, Honor Code

Support Model

A Decentralized Administration model allows departments the flexibility, agility, and independence to build their own solutions while also contributing to the larger project. Select users can be trained and certified by Hyland Software to become OnBase Certified Department Administrators that can manage the OnBase configuration process, Workflows, Unity forms and other related responsibilities at the departmental level. There are now a multitude OnBase Certified Department Administrators across the university system supporting administrative, research and education solutions. The UIS Enterprise Content Services Team plays a consulting role with these certified administrators and a direct support role for all other areas that do not have a certified admin on staff. We encourage new customers to consider the certification option for their implementation.

Funding Model

There is no cost to CU departments to utilize Enterprise Content Services. This system is funded through the campuses like other enterprise apps.

Eligibility to use the service

Administrative, Academic and Research groups are welcome to participate if they have a direct University affiliation