A single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases

Enterprise Content Services can transform your organization by managing your content, processes and cases on a single platform. Whether you implement a single departmental solution or deploy solutions across the entire enterprise, you will increase productivity, reduce operating costs and minimize risk. Improve your level of service by empowering your employees with the information they need, when they need it and minimize your compliance and eDiscovery risks.

CU's current application for Enterprise Content Services is OnBase. OnBase provides a single platform on which to build content-enabled applications. With one system to support, maintain and upgrade, this offers a low total cost of ownership and minimizes IT sprawl.

  • Maintain copies of your most critical business documents in a high-capacity, high-availability electronic content repository
  • Intelligently manage records throughout their entire lifecycle—from inception to management to archiving to destruction
  • Easily share information through a solution that supports all aspects of electronic document processing with common software
  • Data can flow across the various organizations to promote efficient and consistent business processes
  • Rapid Application Development - low-code rapid application configuration to create content-enabled solutions across the entire enterprise
  • Easy to use, easy to implement, easy to manage


  • Faster business transactions
  • Increased access to information
  • Increased data integration across applications
  • Fewer errors
  • Ease of support
  • Central authentication and authorization systems
  • Reduced software costs with Enterprise licensing
  • Low-code rapid development
  • Improved performance of professional staff
  • Enhanced agency reputation

Product Features

Core Capability Details
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  • Direct import from various sources (paper documents, electronic documents, forms)
  • Automated content classification
  • Data extraction and validation
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  • Revisions and version control
  • Annotations & digital signatures
  • Distribute and track documents
  • Process automation, workflows and approvals
  • Case management
  • Communication
  • User activity logged
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  • Personalized user access
  • Intuitive search interface
  • Full text search
  • Collaboration
  • Desktop and web clients
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  • Integrations with other enterprise applications including PeopleSoft
  • Data integrations
  • Web services
  • APIs
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  • Encryption
  • Retention and destruction policies
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  • Reporting and analytics
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Event and audit logs


Campus OnBase Users % of users Student Documents % of Student Documents Employee Documents % of Employee Documents Finance Documents % of Finance Documents Access Documents % of Access Documents Misc. Documents % of Misc. Documents Document Totals % of Total
Boulder 4,676 52% 13,023,276 59% 1,195,882 21% 25,075 54% 26,342 40% 426,610 16% 14,697,185 48%
Denver 1861 21% 4,673,014 21% 276,792 5% 12,187 26% 12,498 19% 0 0% 4,957,339 16%
Anschutz 372 4% 76,671 0% 61,344 1% 2,231 5% 0 0% 747,625 29% 887,871 3%
Colorado Springs 1602 18% 2,630,554 12% 98,925 2% 260 1% 5,468 8% 194,194 7% 2,929,401 10%
System 531 6% 344,598 2% 4,020,338 71% 6,766 15% 21,166 32% 1,133,857 44% 5,526,725 18%
Cross Campus     1,298,975 6% 278 0% 0 0% 0 0% 92,112 4% 1,391,365 5%
Totals 9,042   22,047,088 73% 5,653,559 19% 46,519 0% 65,474 0% 2,594,398 9% 30,389,886  

Updated: 11/10/2023

Use Cases: Content Archives

Historical Records:
Permanent Record Cards (PRCs). All historical student class and grade information from the university’s founding until 1988.
Student Content:
Transcripts, applications, appeals, resumes, etc. Content for financial aid, student records, student finance, student advising, continuing education, disability services and more.
Faculty/Staff/Employee Content:
Personnel files, benefits, leave, job data, performance management and other human resource content.
Financial Content:
Contracts, Journal entries, allocation documents, asset tag information and other financial content.
Governmental Content:
Selective Service, DD214, etc.
Business Support Content:
Content that supports operational work of the university such as annual reports, budget proposals, correspondence, meeting materials.

Use Cases

Process Management

Tuition Assistance Benefit:

Used by System Administration and all campuses (Student Records and Student Financials) to process tuition benefit applications

Functionality: OnBase Unity forms, workflow, data integrations, notifications, reporting dashboards, ShareBase

Description: Employees submit forms to use the Tuition Assistance Benefit in the portal. Upon submission, forms are saved in OnBase and enter workflow. Employee Services reviews employee and dependent eligiblility (if applicable). Once Employee Services processing is complete, forms are routed to the campus of enrollment. There, course eligibility is reviewed. If approved, workflow aids in processing of waivers in Campus Solutions depending on the campus process.

Confirmation notifications are sent and stored in OnBase associated with either the employee file or the student record as applicable.

OnBase Reporting Dashboards provide information on benefit usage by campus, term, waiver type, outcome, and more.

Diagram of Process - Employees submit Unity form from link in portal, forms are stored in OnBase and enter workflow, Employee Services performs eligibility review, Forms are routed to the campus of enrollment, at each campus users review and approve or de

Course Request Form:

Used by Boulder Continuing Education Student Records

Functionality: OnBase Unity forms, workflow, data integrations, notifications, reporting dashboards, ShareBase

Description: Students submit forms to request course enrollment. Campus Solutions data is used to help students complete the form with accurate course information for the selected semester. Upon submission, forms are saved in OnBase and enter workflow. Staff review student requests and students receive a notification that indicates the outcome for each class they've requested.

If additional documentation is needed, staff can request more information using a link to a personal, secure folder where students can add their documentation. Submitted documentation is imported to OnBase and associated with the student record, easily accessible to staff as they review requests. 

OnBase Reporting Dashboards provide information on volume by term, outcome, and status of pending requests.

Case Management

Graduate Appointments:
Used by Boulder Graduate School
Used to track appointments to advisory committees and when those appointments expire.
New OnBase Customer Projects:
Used by UIS Enterprise Content Services
Used to organize documents, notes, and contact information for projects as new departments implement OnBase solutions. Uses employee data from HCM.

Current Service Users

Departments using OnBase listed as: Benefits, Security, Vice Chancellor for Research, Disability Services, Advancement, Human Resources, Transfer Credit, Registrar, Intl Student Services, Financial Aid, Bursar, Pre-collegiate Dev Program, Academic Advising, Admissions, Grad Schools, Finance, International Admissions, Continuing Education, President's Office, School of Medicine, Veteran's Affaris, College of Education, Leeds MBA, Law School, Arts and Sciences, College of Architecture and Planning, School of Dental Medicine, Grants and Contracts, College of Engineering, Honor Code

If your department would like to begin using OnBase, please go to our New Customer Information page.

Support Model

A Decentralized Administration model allows departments the flexibility, agility, and independence to build their own solutions while also contributing to the overall service. Select users can be trained and certified by Hyland Software to become OnBase Certified Department Administrators that can manage the OnBase configuration process, Workflows, Unity forms and other related responsibilities at the departmental level. There are now a multitude OnBase Certified Department Administrators across the university system supporting administrative, research and education solutions. The UIS Enterprise Content Services Team plays a consulting role with these certified administrators and a direct support role for all other areas that do not have a certified admin on staff. We encourage new customers to consider the certification option for their implementation.

The Enterprise Content Services team supports distributed department admins (system admin, workflow developers, etc) who support end users. The UIS team also directly supports some end users.

Funding Model

There is no cost to CU departments to utilize Enterprise Content Services. This system is funded through the campuses like other enterprise apps.

Eligibility to use the service

Administrative, Academic and Research groups are welcome to participate if they have a direct University affiliation

Alias Information/Service History

DMO, OnBase is a product of Hyland Software, replaces Singularity (DMS)