Welcome to the OnBase training page! On this page you will find Quick Reference Guides for End Users and Guides for OnBase Certified Administrators.

How to Access OnBase

Web links and Client Installation

The OnBase platform has two clients for end users:

  1. Web client (browser based)
  2. Unity client (Windows only, desktop client)

To install the Unity client or access the web client, please refer to the OnBase Web Client and Unity Client Links guide. Both the web client and Unity client require that you are connected to a campus network or VPN.

Please note that the Unity client has a number of software dependencies that may require IT support for installation. Also note that the Unity client is a "ClickOnce" application and is designed to be installed by the end user on a computer, it does not require IT support for installation once the software dependencies have been met. You must initiate the install of OnBase "ClickOnce" clients using Internet Explorer or Edge only. Other browsers like Firefox and Chrome do not support ClickOnce installers and will cause the ClickOnce installation to fail if they are used when opening a ClickOnce URL. For more details please review the OnBase Technical Support page.

You can also access the Web client from the Campus Portals via the OnBase tile on the CU Resources page.

Access to OnBase Content

By default all university employees (including student employees) will have access to the OnBase platform, but limited or no access to content. For questions regarding OnBase access to student content, please reach out to your respective campus access coordinator. Each campus has module access coordinators that review and provision the appropriate access. To request access, please fill out the CU-SIS Access Request form.

For questions regarding OnBase access to any other content, please reach out to the OnBase Certified Department Administrators or the UIS Enterprise Content Service Team.

OnBase Quick Reference Guides for End Users

Unity Client Quick Reference Guide

Web Client Quick Reference Guide

Microsoft Office Client Guide

Client Functionality Comparison

Retrieving Documents

Related Actions and Related Content

Retrieving content - Unity Client

Retrieving content - Web Client

Submitting (Importing) Documents

Submitting content - Unity Client

Submitting content - Web Client

Submitting content - Microsoft Office Add-Ins

Scanning Documents

Scanning documents - Unity Client

Scanning Quick Reference Guide - Unity Client

Indexing Documents

Indexing documents - Unity Client

Indexing documents - Web Client

Hyland (vendor) Resources for End Users

These require creation of a Hyland profile if you do not already have one. It can take a couple days for your account to be confirmed.


OnBase Guides for Certified Administrators

Adobe Acrobat Guides

OnBase Client Guides

OnBase Configuration Guides

OnBase Licensing

OnBase Reporting Dashboard Guides

OnBase Office Integration Guides

OnBase Scheduled Import Guides

OnBase Unity Form Guides

OnBase Unity Script Guides

OnBase Workflow Guides

OnBase WorkView Guides