Welcome to the OnBase training page! On this page you will find Quick Reference Guides for End Users and Guides for OnBase Certified Administrators.

Client Installation & Links

To install the Unity client and/or Office Integrations or access the web client, refer to the OnBase Web URLs and Unity Client ClickOnce URLs.

You can also access the Web Client from the Portal.

OnBase Quick Reference Guides for End Users

Unity Client Quick Reference Guide

Web Client Quick Reference Guide

Microsoft Office Client Guide

Client Functionality Comparison

I am an OnBase user who retrieves content

Related Actions and Related Content

Retrieving content - Unity Client

Retrieving content - Web Client

I am an OnBase user who submits content

Submitting content - Unity Client

Submitting content - Web Client

Submitting content - Microsoft Office Add-Ins

I am an OnBase user who scans documents

Scanning documents - Unity Client

I am an OnBase user who indexes documents

Indexing documents - Unity Client

Indexing documents - Web Client

OnBase Guides for Certified Administrators

Adobe Acrobat Guides

OnBase Client Guides

OnBase Configuration Guides

OnBase Licensing

OnBase Reporting Dashboard Guides

OnBase Office Integration Guides

OnBase Scanning/Sweeping/Import Guides

OnBase Unity Form Guides

OnBase Unity Script Guides

OnBase Workflow Guides

OnBase WorkView Guides