The Enterprise Content Services Advisory Committee is made up of representatives from the primary Enterprise Content Services stakeholder groups and is responsible for ensuring that decisions are in line with Enterprise Content Services roadmap.


The Enterprise Content Services Advisory Committee will include directors and other representatives from the campus offices and business units that are involved with the implementation and utilization of the Enterprise Content Services system. Additional staff as identified by the campuses, and representatives from University Information Services will be included as needed.


This group is empowered to make high-level decisions that affect the scope, calendar (timeline), cost (budget) or quality of the Enterprise Content Services. This group will also review institutional policy issues that will be raised by the Enterprise Content Services Director and decide on the best way to address issues. When policy decisions cannot be directly made within the Advisory Committee, committee members will be responsible for discussing the issue with their respective constituencies (including faculty governance), and bringing this input back to the committee.

The Enterprise Content Services Advisory Committee currently consists of the following members from each campus.

CU Anschutz  
Registrar Wayne Sell
CU Boulder  
Admissions Kevin Maclennan
Bursar's Office Brett Cassell
  David Humphrey
Financial Aid Vic Goldberg
Registrar Sally Page
  Kristi Wold-McCormick
  Joey LaConte
OIT Mark Diekhoff
CU Colorado Springs  
Admissions Matthew Cox
Bursar's Office Steve Medlin
Financial Aid Jevita Rogers
Registrar Tracy Barber
CU Denver  
Admissions Catherine Wilson
  Jose Celis
Bursar's Office Eric Gray
Financial Aid Justin Jaramillo
  Alex Alger
Registrar Carrie A. John
  Charity Moser
  Ingrid Eschholz
CU System Administration  
Employee Services Carolyn Proctor
  Felicity O'Herron
  Tracy Hooker
UIS Alan Vidmar
  Art Figel
  Milap Sharma
  Scott Munson