ODIN is a UIS-sponsored GraphQL API with access to near-real-time updates of enterprise data from multiple UIS systems. ODIN can be leveraged as a single-source repository to replace multiple point-to-point integrations between UIS and Campus OIT departments.

Benefits of ODIN:

  • Ease of use as ODIN requires no customization.
  • 24/7 access, even when source systems are down for maintenance.
  • ODIN data is stored in a CU canonical schema, so campus integrations will not need to be updated when source systems are upgraded or replaced.

Who is eligible to use the service:  Campus OIT departments, UIS

More information: If you are using a CU VPN, you may also visit the ODIN resource page to find resources, sample code, and information on how to access CU data through ODIN's GraphQL API.

Related services:  CU-SIS, CU-People