Be prepared in the case of a hardware failure or accident by regularly backing up your work to OneDrive.
Within the CU System, you are able to communicate with everyone registered with a email address. However, manually creating repeating lists of people to disseminate for each individual project can be monotonous and slow-moving. By sharing a contacts folder with a team, you can optimize collaboration.
Cluttered desktops with too many open windows can become overwhelming and decrease your ease of navigation. Setting up multiple virtual desktops in Windows is a great solution for better organization of your running applications. This feature allows you to create and utilize desktop space beyond the number of physical monitors you have.
Task View is a feature in Windows that allows you to manage your opened applications and virtual desktops, as well as a history of recently opened files. Task View is a powerful tool for organizing your work and increasing productivity.
Email signatures quickly add your contact information at the end of an email. Did you know you can also use them as a template for responses to common customer requests?
Adobe Acrobat is a powerful application for filling out electronic forms quickly. The Fill & Sign functionality is the only tool you’ll need to fill out fields, add your personalized signature and send to any recipient using Acrobat.
Shared channels in Teams across CU campuses maximizes Teams' usefulness. Learn how now.
Polls are very useful for scheduling or finding a group consensus. Learn how to use Teams to create polls.
Temporary files slow down processing time. Learn how to delete them.
Scammers are always looking for new ways to access data or money. Here's how to avoid their latest ploy.