Assigning an alternative host for standing Zoom meetings allows meetings to continue if the host is away.
: Imagine you are called away during a Zoom meeting and don’t want to end the meeting for your whole team. In that case, you need to first transfer the role of host.
Recent phishing emails often target work emails and include fraudulent DocuSign requests. Review these tips to stay cybersecure.
In Microsoft Teams, when you send a Loop component, everyone in your chat will be able to edit it inline—and see changes instantly.
Be prepared to select the best VPN option and authenticate via Ping starting March 20.
Prioritize following CU policies and best practices if using third-party AI tools.
Save frequently used text or code in your Windows clipboard history.
Changing or recovering your CU account password now can be easily done without assistance from the Service Desk.
Word’s transcribe feature allows users to convert audio recordings or live speech to a text transcript.
Since Microsoft 365’s recent update, Word defaults to saving files to OneDrive. Easily change the default save location with just a few steps.