How to clear the cache in your web browser
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Ideally, when working remote, you log in to the CU VPN first thing every morning. This security measure is essential when working with confidential data, and on April 14, will be necessary to update your device’s security software.
After your device has completed the security update to Windows Defender for Endpoint, it will need to restart. A 120-minute warning will pop up, which should give you more than enough time to finish a task and save any work. But sometimes we have lots of tabs open for a specific task and don’t want to take the time to bookmark each one. Most browsers offer an option to save all open tabs at once.
Here's how to reserve a meeting space at 1800 Grant St.
Hybrid meetings with some staff in person and some remote pose some challenge. Use these tips to ensure your meetings run successfully and include everyone equally.
Adjust your display settings to your preferred layout.
Use these images to ensure your laptop is connected correctly.
Fix your settings now to avoid confusion.
We’re here to help, whether you’re remote or in-person at 1800 Grant St.