Word’s transcribe feature allows users to convert audio recordings or live speech to a text transcript.
Since Microsoft 365’s recent update, Word defaults to saving files to OneDrive. Easily change the default save location with just a few steps.
As of November 2023, all weblinks opened in Outlook automatically open in Microsoft Edge unless the setting is disabled.
Adding or changing your profile picture can be done in any Microsoft 365 application.
Referencing a message in Teams is as simple as saving or pinning it.
Automatic replies are useful for notifying your coworkers that you are away and when you will return.
Using pop-out windows is an efficient way to keep up with an ongoing discussion in Teams while still using your other Teams channels.
On a busy day, saving just one file to your desktop can be tempting, especially if you’ll need to retrieve it again in a few minutes. Over time, though, those files become visual clutter and may impact your focus.
Remaining vigilant in safeguarding sensitive information is a priority in today’s digital world. There are multiple options for file storage that depend on the content of your file or document.
Remote and in-person work environments function efficiently when positive communication and collaboration are the norm.