Zoom’s new AI Companion function automatically creates meeting summaries and helpful navigation tabs. Learn how to use it in your meetings.
In an instance where a Zoom meeting link does not work, or you are unable to log in to your Zoom account, you can join a meeting by inputting the meeting ID.
Assigning an alternative host for standing Zoom meetings allows meetings to continue if the host is away.
: Imagine you are called away during a Zoom meeting and don’t want to end the meeting for your whole team. In that case, you need to first transfer the role of host.
Enabling user registration on Zoom can turn your meeting into a more organized and manageable webinar or training session, with options for waiting rooms, branding, pools, surveys, and live streaming.
Ensure you have the latest updates for Zoom
Welcome slides and music are great ways to make Zoom meetings more inviting.
Every other week, the UIS Service Desk shares updates and tips to keep you more informed and secure. This week’s tips highlight new Zoom features that can help increase the impact of your virtual meetings.
Learn tips and tricks to ensure you’re getting the most out of Zoom
Hybrid meetings with some staff in person and some remote pose some challenge. Use these tips to ensure your meetings run successfully and include everyone equally.