As of November 2023, all weblinks opened in Outlook automatically open in Microsoft Edge unless the setting is disabled.
Adding or changing your profile picture can be done in any Microsoft 365 application.
Automatic replies are useful for notifying your coworkers that you are away and when you will return.
Cluttered inboxes are hard to manage. Use the archive function in Outlook to organize your email.
Remaining vigilant in safeguarding sensitive information is a priority in today’s digital world. There are multiple options for file storage that depend on the content of your file or document.
Remote and in-person work environments function efficiently when positive communication and collaboration are the norm.
If you need to send a poll to find a meeting time, there’s no need to use third-party tools like Doodle. You can do it faster right from Outlook.
Time away from work is vital to balance and mental health, but the vacation glow often ends at the first sight of an overflowing inbox. These inbox tips can help you avoid overwhelm your first day back at work
Within the CU System, you are able to communicate with everyone registered with a email address. However, manually creating repeating lists of people to disseminate for each individual project can be monotonous and slow-moving. By sharing a contacts folder with a team, you can optimize collaboration.
Email signatures quickly add your contact information at the end of an email. Did you know you can also use them as a template for responses to common customer requests?