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Use Outlook signatures to save time

Email signatures are a great way to quickly add your contact information and other important details to an Outlook message. Signatures can also be used to respond to common requests by setting up a predefined response.

Creating or editing an email signature

1. In Outlook, select New email from the Home tab.

New Email option under the Home tab in Outlook.

2. Under the Message tab, select the Signature option. Select Signatures from the dropdown menu.

Selecting Signatures option under Message tab, Signature dropdown menu.

3. Select New and name your signature.

Naming a new signature.

4. Type in your signature. Use the drop-down menu to choose a default signature for new messages and for replies/forwards. Remember to follow the University of Colorado’s branding guidelines and requirements for employee email signatures.

Creating a signature and choosing the default signature.

5. Select OK to save.

Selecting OK to save the signature.

Use a customized email signature to quickly respond to common requests

If you often send identical email replies to the same questions, you can create additional email signatures as a shortcut to pasting your standard answer into the email. 

1. Navigate to the signatures panel, as described in steps 1 and 2 above.

2. Select New and name this signature so it clearly identifies the topic.

3. Draft a response to a common question. Be sure to name the signature in relation to the question it addresses. The example below is in response to users asking how to clear their cache.

An example of a quick response to a commonly asked question, using a saved signature.

4. Confirm that this response signature is NOT selected for either default signature, and select OK to save.

Ensure your response is not saved as the default response.

5. The next time you receive the common request, your customized signature will be ready in the drop-down list of available signatures. You can select that email signature from the Signature drop-down menu to quickly reply.

The example signature response appears in the document.

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