For adaptive technology users, header tags are vital for giving a sense of the main topics of the page and enabling easier navigation.
Alternative text (alt text) is necessary for conveying information about images to screen readers and digital accessibility tools.
One aspect of an accessible website is using high color contrast. Web pages with low color contrast can cause people to miss important information. Here’s how to implement high color contrast on your department’s web pages.
Ensure your department is in line with accessibility standards by testing your website’s documents.
Changing or recovering your CU account password now can be easily done without assistance from the Service Desk.
This week, we highlight the 10 most popular tips of 2023.
By learning more keyboard shortcuts, you can perform actions with ease, enabling seamless navigation across your tabs and maximized functionality.
When a response to an email is essential, you can add a reminder to prompt the recipient to reply.
Cluttered inboxes are hard to manage. Use the archive function in Outlook to organize your email.
Usually, when a user has an issue viewing the entire Skillsoft screen or menu, it is because they are using a mobile device or just moved from a docking station with a monitor to their laptop screen. Here's how to fix this.