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Add or replace your profile picture in Microsoft 365

Adding a new profile picture in a Microsoft 365 application such as Teams or Outlook updates your picture across the entire Microsoft 365 environment. Updating your picture takes just a few steps. Remember that square pictures with solid, plain backgrounds work best.

  1. Find the picture you want to upload to your profile and store it on your device or in OneDrive. Ensure the attachment is smaller than 4 MB and is in one of the following formats: png, jpg or or gif.
  2. Sign into a Microsoft 365 application such as Teams, Outlook, SharePoint or online at Our examples below are from Teams.
  3. Select the profile picture icon in the upper right-hand corner of the application.

  4. Select the existing profile picture icon

  5. Select Upload picture and your desired image file to replace your profile picture. This will update across all Microsoft 365 applications, though it may take a few moments to sync.

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