Multi-factor authentication keeps your data and CU information secure. Learn how Smart MFA will decrease the number of times you need to authenticate with Duo over time.
Scammers are always looking for new ways to access data or money. Here's how to avoid their latest ploy.
Employees are automatically enrolled for weather and closure emails but must opt in to receive alerts via text messages and for IT email alerts.
Employ these strategies to make a password that is strong and secure.
Ideally, when working remote, you log in to the CU VPN first thing every morning. This security measure is essential when working with confidential data, and on April 14, will be necessary to update your device’s security software.
Fix your settings now to avoid confusion.
We’re here to help, whether you’re remote or in-person at 1800 Grant St.
Slow computer? Try restarting it.
There’s no need for a physical phone with Cisco Jabber.
Using ergonomic principles will help set you up for success — and comfort!