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Apply ergonomic principles at hoteling workstations

UIS has been preparing workspaces at 1800 Grant St. for the hybrid work model’s launch. We realize that getting used to reserving hoteling desk space and working in shared spaces will take some time. Using ergonomic principles will help set you up for success — and comfort!

  • Adjust the chair for your height. Most chairs can be adjusted to suit the height, seat depth and tilt to suit you best. Don’t forget to get up and move often — even the best settings can lead to discomfort if you sit too long!
  • Adjust the monitor to avoid straining. You should be able to look straight ahead at the screen, rather than tilting your head up or down.
  • Check the keyboard and mouse placement. These should be positioned and used in a way that can help reduce pain or injuries in the hands and wrists. The upper arm should not be elevated or extended while using a mouse.
  • Consider using a standing desk. When selecting a workstation via the SmartSpace app, you can search for a desk with specific features, such as a standing desk or Varidesk.

More ergonomic resources:

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We also encourage you to attend any upcoming Town Halls on the transition to hybrid work.

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