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Opt in to receive CU alerts on your mobile device.

The University of Colorado System Administration uses RAVE mobile alerts to communicate information about service maintenance events, service interruptions, 1800 Grant building emergencies, System Administration weather closures and more.

As a CU employee, you are already enrolled to receive email alerts but must opt in to receive alerts via text message.

Here are three scenarios where you may want to opt in.

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment runs from April 17 to May 5, 2023. All benefits-eligible CU employees may sign up to receive Open Enrollment texts. You’ll receive three brief messages to remind you to take action before Open Enrollment closes.

Even if you are currently enrolled for CU weather, closures or IT alerts, you must complete the opt-in registration for Open Enrollment alerts.

Weather closures

CU System Administration follows CU Denver's weather closure schedule. By signing up for texts, you'll receive CU Denver's weather closure and delay alerts, which also apply to CU System Administration.

NOTE: When subscribing, do not include any dashes or parentheses in the phone number. Only enter numerals, as seen in this example: 5558675309

IT maintenance and unplanned outage emails

CU System employees can sign up for IT maintenance and unplanned outage texts. Maintenance messages are sent by email to all System staff. If you would like to be notified of IT outages, you need to complete the opt-in RAVE registration. Just fill in your information, using your CU email, and mention wanting to receive IT alerts in the comment box prior to hitting submit.

You can find all three subscription options in the same registration form.

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