Campus Data Hubs are UIS-sponsored Snowflake database instances where campus Institutional Research (IR) developers and Data Scientists can combine and compare enterprise data with campus-supplied data in a single Snowflake instance.

Benefits of Campus Data Hubs:

  • A modern, scalable framework in Snowflake.
  • Options to add third-party solutions built on the Snowflake ecosystem.
  • Access to both CIW reporting data and original source data from enterprise systems.
  • An affordable and accessible way to combine campus and enterprise data.
  • Analytics can be shared back to Central Information Warehouse (CIW) to be used by a wider audience in CU-Data and Tableau reporting.

Who is eligible to use the service: Institutional Research and Central Data Analytics employees can receive access to each Snowflake database.

Data access approval from appropriate Data Management Groups is required.

Compatible Browsers: Snowflake Compatible Browsers

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