Campus Data Hubs are UIS-sponsored Snowflake database instances where campus Institutional Research (IR) developers and Data Scientists can combine and compare enterprise data with campus-supplied data in a single Snowflake instance.

Benefits of Campus Data Hubs:

  • A modern, scalable framework in Snowflake.
  • Options to add third-party solutions built on the Snowflake ecosystem.
  • Access to both CIW reporting data and original source data from enterprise systems.
  • An affordable and accessible way to combine campus and enterprise data.
  • Analytics can be shared back to Central Information Warehouse (CIW) to be used by a wider audience in CU-Data and Tableau reporting.

Who is eligible to use the service: Institutional Research and Central Data Analytics employees can receive access to each Snowflake database.

Data access approval from appropriate Data Management Groups is required.

More information: If you are using a CU VPN, you may also visit the CU Snowflake resource page to find useful training and documentation on both Snowflake in general and the UIS Campus Data Hubs implementation of Snowflake.

Compatible Browsers: Snowflake Compatible Browsers

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