Overview: Automic is the application used to schedule all university batch data processes. It authorizes uploaded data, ensuring secure distribution of requested information.

Benefits: Some of the benefits of Automic include:

  • Statistics and change history
  • Cross system internal and external job dependencies
  • Calendar keyword scheduling
  • Authentication of user uploaded files
  • Separates Development and Production environments
  • Automatic "Abnormal Process End" notification and texting

Who is eligible to use the service: Automic is available to anyone responsible for batch processes for the university. Automic update access is only approved for Production Service personnel, but read-only access is granted to campus users and developers.

How to request access to the service: Create a JIRA and assign it to Production Services.

Alias Information / Service History: You may hear this system referred to as Production or Batch. Teh system was previously referred to as UC4.

Related Services: Dilbert, HRMS, FIN, CS, eRA, CIW, DARS

Service Hours: After hours Service Desk calls.

Support Services: 24/7.

Escalation Contact: Production Services.