Overview: The Degree Audit and Transfer Credit (DATC) system is used to track academic progress toward graduation and evaluate CU and transfer courses to a specific academic program.


  • DATC allows the campuses to take advantage of robust degree audit capabilities to evaluate transfer credits.
  • Helps transfer students better understand the necessary path toward completing a degree.
  • Allows faculty advisors and staff to visually walk students through their academic paths. Often used as a planning tool during orientation, registration periods and graduation. 
  • Automates degree auditing, allowing advisors to spend more time advising students and less time doing hour and GPA calculations.

Who is eligible to use the service:

  • Students access the web-based system, DARSweb, to request degree audits and view how transfer courses articulated via their student portal.
  • College representatives and advising staff use the web-based system, DARSweb, to modify student-specific evaluations and request degree audits. Administrative users in various colleges and business offices use the DARwin client to build transfer articulation rules as well as the curriculum rules for each academic program.
  • Administrative users in various business offices use the DARwin client to enter detailed transcript information for each admitted or continuing student with transfer credit.
  • Administrative users in CU-Boulder’s Office of International Education use the DARwin client to enter articulation rules for CU Study Abroad courses as well as transcript information for students who attended a sponsored CU Study Abroad program.

How to request access to the service: For information on how to request access to DATC, see the Access website.

Alias information/service history:  DARS (formerly), DARSweb, DARwin, Degree Audit.

Related services: u.Select (transfer.org) – This system allows users who are not associated with CU to see how transfer courses would articulate to any of the CU campuses and also allows these users to run degree audits to learn how these transfer courses may apply. 

Batch Audit Software (BAS) – This system allows administrative users to select a student population and request a large batch of degree audits. Batch audits can be viewed and downloaded in a PDF format via BAS.