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Client and Software Technical Issues

Q. What are the OnBase Windows client (Unity Client) software dependencies?

A: All of the below are required for the OnBase Unity client (yes all four specific C++ packages listed below). If you are unable to view documents in the Unity client, you are likely missing these C++ dependencies. If you are unable to install these yourself, please work with your desktop support.

Q. What are the OnBase Office Integration Clients (Outlook, Word, Excel) software dependencies?

  • All of the Microsoft packages listed above plus Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) 10.0.50325 or higher. Hyland Software provides a software package that can be installed to help meet this dependency. The MS Office add-ins (including the Document Composition Template Builder) are for 32-bit Office installs only. 

Q: How do I install the OnBase Unity Client (Windows-only) using ClickOnce?

A. Using Internet Explorer or Edge only, install the client from this clickonce URL:

NOTE: You will need to be connected to a campus network (including VPN).

Q. The OnBase ClickOnce clients will not install, what should I do?

  • You must install the clients using Edge. Other browsers (like Firefox and Chrome) do not support ClickOnce installers and will cause the ClickOnce installation to fail if they are used when opening a ClickOnce URL.
  • Make sure you connected to a campus network (directly or through VPN).
  • In newer versions of Edge, ClickOnce support may not be enabled by default. If necessary, enter edge://flags/#edge-click-once in the address bar of Edge, update the ClickOnce support setting to "Enabled," then restart Edge before trying again.
  • Make sure that the OnBase client software dependencies (above) have been met.
  • If the software dependencies have been met, it's possible that the user's local application manifests are corrupt. To fix this, you must remove *all* content under the C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0 folder. Once removed, run the ClickOnce installer again.

Q. I'm using the OnBase Unity client and receive a "Snowbound DynaLink Error" when trying to view content, what should I do?
Window title: Snowbound DynaLink Error. Dialog: IMG_decompress_bitmap

A. Your computer is missing the required software dependencies as described above. If you have local administrative privileges you can install those yourself, otherwise ask for assistance from your Desktop Support team.

Q. How do I access the Web Client?

A. You can access the OnBase web client from any of the campus Portals under Business Applications or directly from You will need to be connected to a campus network (including VPN).

Q. How do I install the OnBase Office Integration ClickOnce plug-ins?

A. Install the Office Integration plug-ins from the following locations using Internet Explorer or Edge only.

Office 2019 / O365 (32-bit only):

Excel 2019

Word 2019

Outlook 2019

Q: How can you troubleshoot the OnBase MS Office Integration Plug-ins?

A. If you're having issues with the OnBase Office Integration plug-ins (for example they have been disabled in Office) please follow the tips in this guide: OnBase Guide - Office Integration Plugin Troubleshooting

Q: What is the OnBase VPD (Virtual Print Driver) and where can I get the installer?

A. The OnBase VPD (Virtual Print Driver) is an add-on to the Unity client that allows a user to "Print to OnBase" from any Windows application. The VPD works in conjunction with the Unity client to upload "printed" content to OnBase. The printed content will be converted to image format then imported into OnBase.

  • VPD must be installed by IT support if you do not have local admin privileges on the computer. Once installed the VPD is available to all users on that machine assuming that each user has also individually installed the OnBase Unity client via the click-once method.
  • The latest version of VPD can always be found using this link:
  • In addition to the dependencies listed above, if VPD is not working you will also need to install the 2010 C++ libraries

Other Technical Issues

Q: Which browsers are supported by OnBase?

A. Refer to the Supported Browsers page.

Q. When do I hand an OnBase issue to the UIS Service Desk?

A. If the caller’s question is not addressed by this documentation, please contact the UIS Service Desk at 303-860-HELP(4357) or

Q. Who do I contact for business process and workflow-related issues?

A. For issues not related to the basic functioning of OnBase, such as business process questions or workflow configuration, contact the OnBase certified department administrator member for your campus and associated department.

Q: How do I set up automatic notifications to key people once a new document is uploaded to an account?

A. You must set up a workflow to send notifications via OnBase. Contact the OnBase certified department administrator member for your campus and associated department.

Q. How do I get troubleshooting information in the Unity Client?

A. In the Unity Client, go to Application Menu > Troubleshooting > Troubleshooting.

This produces an error log you can use to troubleshoot issues, such as insufficient user rights or missing file mappings.  If needed, submit this log to your OnBase certified department administrator liaison.

Scanning Issues

Q. The scanner doesn’t show up in the OnBase Unity Client.

A. Ensure that the workstation you are using has the appropriate TWAIN or ISIS scan driver installed.

B. Validate that the workstation is licensed for OnBase scanning.

  1. OnBase Application Menu > User Options > Imaging
  2. Check that Production Document Imaging (KOFAX or TWAIN) is selected

    Important! Each department has a limited number of scanning licenses – usually one (1). If you are attempting to set up more than one scanner for a department, please contact the UIS Enterprise Content Services Team at

C. Check to see if a Scan Format has been created for that scanner and workstation as scan formats can be workstation-specific.

D. If the Scan Format already exists, a new Scan Format might be necessary. Delete the existing Scan Fomats and create new one(s).

Q. The user doesn’t see the scanning buttons in their Unity client.

A. Ensure that a Scan Queue is associated to the user in OnBase administration. You may need to contact your OnBase Certified Department Administrator to correct this issue.

Q. The user wants to scan from the Web Client.

A. Scanning is only available via the Unity Client; However, you can import content into the Web Client for indexing.

Authentication and Provisioning

Q. How do users request access to OnBase?

A. Is the user's department a current OnBase customer?

  1. If Yes, please review this OnBase Access page to determine whom to contact for access.
  2. If No, instruct the user to review the OnBase New Customer Information page.

Q. User forgot their password.

A. For assistance with campus credentials (for login to the web or Unity client), refer to the appropriate campus resources:

For assistance with OnBase credentials (for administrative users to access the OnBase Configuration, Studio, Unity Management Console and/or Thick client), contact your campus OnBase Certified Department Administrator, Campus Access Coordinators or the UIS Enterprise Content Services Team

Q. Which account is used to log into OnBase?

A. To access the web or Unity client, use campus credentials.

To access administrative clients that require OnBase credentials (OnBase Configuration, Studio, Unity Management Console and/or Thick client), use the PeopleSoft Operator ID. The PeopleSoft Operator ID is in the form of first four letters of the last name, leading zeros, number (i.e., LAST000123).

Q. Where do you find the PeopleSoft Operator ID?

A. Contact your campus OnBase Certified Department Administrator, Campus Access Coordinators or the UIS Enterprise Content Services Team

Q. What are the direct links to the OnBase environments?

A. The following are the four (4) OnBase environments. You will need to be connected to a campus network (including VPN).

Training and Resources

Q: Where is basic functionality training for the OnBase system located?

A. Access OnBase training.

Q: Where do I find training for business process questions?

A. Please contact the appropriate OnBase Certified Department Administrator member for your campus and associated department.

Q: Where do I find general information about OnBase?

A. Refer to the Enterprise Content Services service catalog.

Q. What kind of OnBase vendor training is available to CU users?  

A. CU has purchased the OnBase Premium Subscription video training service for all CU OnBase users for use throughout the project. Refer to OnBase Online Training and Certification for more information.