Welcome to the OnBase New Customer Information page! On this page you will find guides and information for new customers looking to use OnBase.

Are you new to OnBase and Content Services? Do you want to start using OnBase in your organization? Start here.

These materials are for new CU customers (departments) wishing to learn more about OnBase and Content Services. You'll need to work with the UIS Enterprise Content Services Team to coordinate the implementation of OnBase for your organization.

The basic process for onboarding new OnBase customers is as follows:

Learn More

    • This will allow us to understand the scope of your project along with your goals, objectives and timelines.
    • This is a simple OnBase E-Form (Unity form), just to give you an idea of how they can look and behave.
  1. Join us for the OnBase Weekly New Customer Onboarding Webinar:
    • Weekly: Fridays 1:00-2:00 PM Mountain Time
      Zoom Meeting: https://cusystem.zoom.us/j/434370129
      If using phone, dial +1 669 900 6833
      Meeting ID: 434 370 129
    • In this webinar, the Enterprise Content Services team can provide guidance and assistance with the go-live process and provide insights into lesser known aspects of OnBase.
    • Additionally, you will be able connect with other groups that are also in their own OnBase go-live process, allowing you to trade ideas, recommendations, and experiences.
    • You are welcome to join any or all of these sessions throughout your implementation.
  2. Create a Hyland Profile. Be sure to use HSI:7995 when creating your profile to have your personal account tied to the larger CU account

    This account will allow you to access all of the Hyland-provided services, such as Hyland University (including Premium Subscription content) and Community.

  3. Using your Hyland Profile, watch these introductory Hyland University videos to get an understanding of the basics of OnBase.
  4. To get a better understanding of how OnBase is implemented at CU and to prepare your organization to use OnBase, watch the CU-provided OnBase New Customer Presentation (45 min) while reviewing the OnBase New Customer Presentation PowerPoint
    • Topics include: Service Overview, Architecture & Infrastructure, Configuration, Security, Clients, OnBase Resources

Get Started

  1. Using your Hyland Profile, explore more of the trainings and resources offered by Hyland.
  2. Consider OnBase Certifications (optional).

    Hyland offers a variety of certifications, such as OnBase Certified System Administrator (OCSA) and OnBase Certified Workflow Administrator (OCWA).

    If your department does not obtain certification, the Enterprise Content Services team at UIS will complete configuration for your department.

    In order for your department to configure OnBase and access advanced functionality, a member of your department will need to complete the System Administrator certification.

    More information about certifications is availble on our Online Training and Certifications page. 

  3. Read through the CU-provided OnBase New Customer Packet, which includes:
    • OnBase Support information
    • Scope of expectations for communication, training, organizational readiness
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Content Services Go-live Checklist


  1. When ready, begin working on the CU-provided OnBase Configuration Template
    • This spreadsheet will help you define the Document Types, Document Types Groups, Keyword Types, Keyword Type Groups, Users and User Groups for your organization.
    • The Enterprise Content Services team (or your departmental certified administrator) will complete configuration based on this template.
    • The following OnBase Reporting Dashboards contain information about existing OnBase configurations which may be helpful while completing the template.
  2. Once configuration is complete, you will need to verify and test prior to go-live.

    More details are included in the OnBase New Customer Packet.

  3. The Enterprise Content Services team can assist with large imports of files you already have saved.

    Content import can be automated under certain conditions. Please work with the Enterprise Content Services team early on to minimize manual processing.

    Some departments choose to work with a third-party vendor for large scanning projects. Contact the Enterprise Content Services team for more information.

  4. The Enterprise Content Services team will come to your location for end-user training.

    More details are included in the OnBase New Customer Packet.

    Additional training materials and resources are available on the OnBase Training page.

Please reach out to the UIS Enterprise Content Services Team if you have any questions.