As an OnBase user at CU, you have access to over 200 hours of basic and advanced web-based training at no cost through our "premium subscription" with Hyland Software. You can access these OnBase training anytime, anywhere. You can take as many of the courses as interest you or just view a module within a course as a refresher - it's completely up to you.

Note: Trainings and certification courses led by a Hyland instructor do have costs associated with them. If you enroll in one of these trainings, funding must come from your department. One certification training (topic varies) is offered through UIS each year; please contact the ECS team for information on availability and scheduling.

It's easy to get started and access Hyland-provided training.

  1. Create a Hyland Profile. Be sure to use HSI:7995 when creating your profile to have your personal account tied to the larger CU account. This account will allow you to access all of the Hyland-provided services.
  2. Using your Hyland Profile, watch these recommended training videos (included in premium subscription) to get an understanding of the basics of OnBase.

    For end users:


    There are also Hands-On Labs available through our premium subscription. We recommend these as a starting point:

    • OnBase Configuration Basics
    • OnBase Sandbox This sandbox lab offers a chance to explore without a structured guide. Choose EP3 as the version to match our current environment, or a newer version to learn about new features we will have upon upgrading.

    For administrative users:

    If you'll be using Unity forms:


    If you'll be using Workflow:

  3. Attend Hyland events to continue learning and stay up-to-date.

    CommunityLive is the annual OnBase conference every September. The full conference is five days. The first two days offer two half-day training sessions each day. Group discounts are available as well as discounts for those who attend multiple years. The other three days are shorter sessions including keynote speakers, customer presentations, and demonstrations. The location varies each year.

    TechQuest is offered a few times a year and is five days of training sessions at the Hyland offices in Ohio.

  4. Hyland offers a variety of certifications, such as OnBase Certified System Administrator (OCSA) and OnBase Certified Workflow Administrator (OCWA). These do have a cost associated with them as they are instructor-led.

    In order for your department to independently configure OnBase document types and forms, a member of your department will need to complete the System Administrator certification. Workflow certification is also needed to configure your own workflow processes.

    Refer to our Support Model for more information.


Please reach out to the UIS Enterprise Content Services Team if you have any questions.