A sustainable system-wide data governance and management framework.

The University of Colorado has data everywhere. However, it can be hard to locate specific data, who owns it and whether it even exists. This leads to many in CU spending crucial time assessing if data sets are complete, duplication of data across departments and additional work spent on fixing mistakes during analysis.

The system-wide Data Governance & Management will develop and support a CU-wide data governance program in Collibra to improve access to institutional data, as well as employ effective usability and security of CU's data. The project is in the planning stage and will be implemented over five years.


This project seeks to:

  1. Improve and update policies and practices around data
  2. Further define roles, responsibilities and processes​
  3. Identify, organize, categorize and improve access to data via cataloging
  4. Improve awareness of a data catalog to facilitate appropriate stewardship, security, access, data literacy and informed decision-making
  5. Cultivate a culture that values and leverages data

Your role as a member of the student data community

  • Stay informed through future status reports and this web page for updates
  • Ask questions and raise concerns
  • Raise awareness of the project to others
  • Help address risks, issues and prioritization questions

  Reach out to your campus steering committee representative to learn more.