Required training depends on your role

Are you new to HCM? Set up your access in a few simple steps: 

  1. Identify your role.
  2. Successfully finish all required Skillsoft courses based on your role.
  3. Make a request through CU Identity Manager (OIM). 

Roles define what you can and cannot access in the system. Read descriptions of HCM roles and their duties:


Department User Roles

If you're new to HCM, you'll likely choose one of the following roles.

HCM: CU HCM User Inquiry
This role grants view-only access. Request this role if you only view information and do not make any entries, changes or approvals.

HCM: CU Payroll Personnel Liaison
Request this role if you need to enter, change or approve position data, job data, time entry, time approval, PET entry, PET approval, department budget and My Leave department views. Do not request additional roles, as CU Payroll Personnel Liaison already grants approval for the above tasks. 

HCM: CU Time Entry
Request this role when you only view, enter or approve CU Time, MyLeave and related reports. 

HCM: CU PET Regular Users
Request this role if you only view, enter or approve PETs and/or update funding.

New to HCM? Access resources to help you.

  Step-by-Step: Getting Started with HCM
 Glossary: Human Capital Management Terms
Job Aid: Disabling Pop-Up Blockers and Clearing Cache

Specialized Roles

These roles apply to a handful of users who perform specialized tasks. 

CU Campus HR
This role allows HR staff to correct or edit, job, position and other data directly in the system. Do not request this role if you are a department user or PPL.

CU HCM Enterprise Training Reporting
This role provides access to training reports, the course enrollment page and the course enrollment upload process.

CU Security Coordinator Campus
This role is for Campus Security Coordinators only. It provides access to review relevant employee and POI data to aid in approving/rejecting access requests and performing other campus security functions. 

CU Risk Management 
This grants view-only access to a number of pages relevant to Risk Management's HCM Data needs.

CU POI Relationship Mgmt
This role is specific to users needing to create and maintain POI relationships who do not require additional HCM access such as position data, job data, department budget or CU Time.

Identify your role to determine which courses you need to take. 

Required Skillsoft Courses by Role

Role Name Fiscal Code of Ethics Information Security and Privacy Awareness  HCM Fundamentals HCM Paying People HCM Updating Data Recruiting with CU Careers
CU HCM User Inquiry X X X      
CU Time Entry X X X X X  
CU PET Regular Users X X X X X  
CU Campus HR Staff X X X X X X*
CU Enterprise Training Reporting X X X      
CU Security Coordinator Campus X X X      
CU Risk Management  X X X      
CU POI Relationship Mgmt X X X      
*CU Boulder's PPLs and Campus HR staff use Avature for recruiting purposes. Please contact the CU Boulder HR office for training requirements.

Access Skillsoft courses 

Course titles Key topics and skills
CU: Fiscal Code of Ethics University's Fiscal Code of Ethics (focusing specifically on the Employee Code).
CU: Information Security and Privacy Awareness An explanation of how and why CU employees must protect information.
CU: HCM Fundamentals A high-level overview of HCM.
CU: HCM Paying People Payroll cycles, calendars, MyLeave, and CU Time.
CU: HCM Updating Data Managing employee data, types of data changes, tables, effective dates, sequencing and more.
CU: Recruiting with CU Careers Posting jobs and data-sharing between HCM and CU Careers.

Learn more about HCM with our optional training and webinars


Access courses in Skillsoft

How to locate a course:

  1. Log on to your campus portal.
  2. Select the Skillsoft tile on the home page.
  3. Select Library from the top of the screen.
  4. Select your campus folder.
  5. Select a topic from Categories.
  6. Select a course and click LAUNCH.

Having trouble with Skillsoft? Visit Skillsoft Help for more information


OIM is CU's access request and management system. 

  This document that will help you determine which roles to request in OIM.  

Once you've completed training: 

  1. Log into OIM using your campus login and password. 
  2. Follow OIM access request instructions. 

OIM will check that you have completed the required training for your requested role. If you have not completed the required training, you'll receive an email listing outstanding courses you must complete. Then, log back in to the system and self-approve your request so it routes to your manager/sponsor for approval. 

If you have questions during this process, please contact the UIS Service Desk and Access Management