How do I take required training on Skillsoft?


  1. Log on to your student portal (
  2. Click Training, in the upper-right navigation.
  3. Click Skillsoft.  

CU Boulder Students

  1. Log on to your Buff portal (
  2. Click the navigation bar on the top left.
  3. Enter Skillsoft in the search box.
  4. Select Skillsoft Training.
  5. Click Start Skillsoft.

Faculty, Staff & POIs

  1. Log on to your campus portal (
  2. Open the CU Resources dropdown menu.
  3. Select Training.
  4. Click the Skillsoft tile.






Is Skillsoft more than just compliance training?

Yes, Skillsoft is a learning management system that offers various eLearning and online training.  These solutions include Business Skills, Training, Digital Skills Training, and IT Skills, to mention a few. The platform's professional certification catalog also provides content for your training certification program needs. 

Where can I find my record of training completions?

Skillsoft keeps a real-time record. View your record in Skillsoft:

  1. Go to Learning Transcript.
  2. Select Add Filters.
  3. Choose a Status (All, Started, Completed).
  4. Apply additional filters, if wanted (Type or data range).
  5. Click Apply.

NOTE: Employees may access training records from their portal by using the Training Summary.

How do I view or print a certificate of completion for a course I completed in Skillsoft?

To view and print a completion certificate:

  1. Log onto Skillsoft.
  2. Click Learning Transcript.
  3. Click ADD FILTERS.
  4. Select filters for completed courses, types or courses, date range, etc.
  5. Click APPLY.
  6. Click the Actions menu button for the completed course, and select View Certificate.
  7. Click the Print icon to print the certificate to a printer or to a PDF file.

How can I provide a direct link to Skillsoft resources?

You can link directly to resources within Skillsoft by creating a deep link, or hyperlink, like a link from a website or pdf. Deep links allow users to skip the tedious steps needed to navigate to a specific course or resource within Skillsoft. Instead, a user can click a link, log in, and launch the course. View the step-by-step guide Creating Deep Links to Resources in Skillsoft

Where can I find instructor-led training (ILT) courses?

  1. Log on to Skillsoft.
  2. Click Library
  3. Select your campus. 
  4. Select Instructor-Led Training (ILT) from the left-hand Categories menu.
  5. Select the course. 
  6. Click Enroll or Waitlist


  1. Log on to Skillsoft. 
  2. Select Instructor-Led Training (ILT) from Quick Links. 
  3. Click Session Schedule
  4. Click Actions
  5. Select Enroll in this Session

Why am I unable to enroll in an ILT session?

You may be already enrolled in another session of the same course. You must withdraw from a session you're enrolled in before you can enroll in a different one.

How do I withdraw from an instructor-led training session in which I already enrolled?

  1. Log on to Skillsoft.
  2. Click Instructor-Led Training (ILT) from Quick Links.
  3. Click Session Schedule
  4. Click Actions
  5. Select Withdraw.

Why am I having trouble accessing Skillsoft on my computer?

View this article to access detailed information about the system requirements when accessing different types of Skillsoft content. 

Who do I contact if I have a problem with Skillsoft?

Email Employee Learning and Development at

How do I turn off my pop-up blocker?

The job aid Disabling Pop-Up Blockers and Clearing Cache will help you ensure your browser can display up-to-date information.

Why is the course I completed not showing up in the portal under Learning Transcript?

There is a one to two business day delay from the time you complete a course and quiz in Skillsoft to when it appears in your learning transcript. If more than two business days have passed and you do not see the course, email Employee Learning and Development at

When does Skillsoft maintenance occur?

Weekly maintenance:

  • 11 p.m. Tuesday - 1 a.m. Wednesday Mountain Standard Time
  • 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Sunday Mountain Standard Time

You will see a message posted on the myCU Portal reading, "Skillsoft is temporarily unavailable. The site is currently down for maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try to access the system again later today."