CU Identity Manager (OIM) is CU's application for account management and user provisioning.

CU Identity Manager is used to provision the following systems:

User guides & FAQs


For assistance with the access request process, contact your Campus Access Coordinator.

For technical support contact the UIS Service Desk.

Known issues

After entering user credentials and password to login user receives an error page

Send an email to including:

  1. A desciption of error. Including a screenshot will facilitate troubleshooting..
  2. Your six-digit empoyee number.
  3. A descricption of the error. Including a screenshot of the error page will facilitate troubleshooting.

User's personal or job information is incorrect.

CU Identity Manager data is sourced from HCM. Typically, if the data in CU Identity Manager is wrong, it is because the data in HCM has not been updated. Check with your departmental payroll liaison (PPL) that the data in HCM is correct. If it is correct and the data in CU Identity Manager is still incorrect, email Please include your six-digit employee number and provide specific details about what data is incorrect.