CU Identity Manager (OIM) is CU's application for account management and user provisioning.


CU Identity Manager is currently provisioning the following systems:

  • HCM
  • FIN
  • CU Marketplace
  • Skillsoft - access is provisioned automatically and is not requested.
  • CU Careers - access is provisioned automatically and is not requested.


Help, I am a manager and need to approve my direct report's access request!

Please see the user guide for managers and sponsors below for more details. Here are the steps:

  1. Log into CU Identity Manager
  2. CU Identity Manager will open to your Home screen
    1. On the home screen is a panel called Pending Approvals. These are items waiting for your approval.
    2. To see details on the request or to reject the request click on the request title. Then follow the instructions in the user guide below.
    3. To approve select the row (without clicking on the title) and then in the Actions menu above select Claim and then Approve.

User Guides

See the Process Guides for instructions on how to Request and Approve access.


Known Issues

  • Compatibility issue with Internet Explorer 11. Instructions:
    1. Open in Internet Explorer.

    2. Press the Alt key to display the menu bar.

    3. Click the Tools menu and choose Compatibility View Settings.

    4. In the field for Add this website, you will see the domain, that is, the last part of the website address, such as or

    5. Click Add.

    6. Result: the domain ( or other domain) appears in the list of "Websites you've added to Compatibility View".

  • After entering user credentials and password to login user receives an error page. Instructions:
    1. Send an email to including:
      1. Your first and last name
      2. Your HR emplid
      3. Your username (do NOT include your password)
  • POIs make a request which fails:
    • Re-enter the request and on the checkout screen click on select Non-Primary Job and select the available POI status. Submit the request.
  • Users personal or job information is incorrect:
    • CU Identity Manager data is updated from HCM. Typically if the data in OIM is wrong it is because the data in HCM has not been updated.