Recruit and hire

Discover that needle in a haystack with CU Careers.

Step-by-step guides and resources are available to make finding your next team member a breeze. 

Step 1: Confirm your CU Careers Access

Before you get started, ensure you have the correct account.

All users are granted Search Committee CU Careers access. If you recruit and hire in CU Careers, visit the CU Careers Access and Training page to ensure you have the appropriate access.

Step 2: Create Job Postings in CU Careers

Once HCM sends a requisition to CU Careers, you can post a position and collect candidate information.

You'll see these requisitions in your CU Careers dashboard. Please use the guides below to turn this requisition into a position on the public-facing CU Careers recruiting site. Advanced functionalities allow you to post to job boards of your choice and get alerts when top candidates have applied.

  Ensure your job posting adheres to Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act rules.

Recruit a new candidate

Step-by-step: Requisitions

Step-by-step: Posting and Unposting a Requisition

Step-by-step: Delegating Tasks

Job Aid: Correcting Formatting Issues in Taleo


Step 3: Organize your Search Committee

Choosing the best candidate is a team effort.

As an HCM department user, learn how to share and manage candidate folders with search committee members through these step-by-step guides. These guides will also show members how to view shared candidate profiles.

Step-by-step: Search Committee Experience

Step 4: Select Candidates

Finding the right person for your team is an important task.

CU Careers' tools and features will make evaluating candidates easier by allowing you to sort, review submissions, search based on keywords, share folders, run background checks, and more. Please use these guides as you and your search committee select the right candidate for your position and make an offer.

Recruit a new candidate

If you are recruiting for your position, the following guides will walk you through various tasks.

Job aid: Candidate Selection Workflow - Recruit  

Step-by-step: Candidate Selection

Direct hire a candidate

If you are hiring a candidate directly, these guides can help you complete your tasks.

Job aid: Candidate Selection Workflow - Direct hire

Step-by-step: Candidate Selection




Step 5: Extend Offers

Congratulations! You've found the right candidate for your position.

Now, it's time to make an offer. The university allows three methods for making an offer to potential candidates. This guide shows users how to create and extend an offer using eOffer, written offer, or verbal offer. Please note: your candidate must be in the Offer step and the Offer to be made a status for an offer to be generated.

Step-by-step: Candidate Selection