Taleo’s reporting platform will migrate from Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) to Oracle Analytics (OAS).
The fiscal year 2024-25 (FY25) Department Budget Table (DBT) roll forward will occur on June 27.
Ensure that this year’s payroll (and effort) is allocated correctly before the close of the fiscal year.
Contact the International Tax Office prior to their arrival to ensure tax compliance.
A new portal tool allows managers to clear old My Leave notifications for leave requests or timesheet submissions that were modified before the manager was able to act on and clear the original request.
Query results can help department liaisons determine how much additional personal leave is needed to make a paycheck whole.
Faculty can select their contract schedule between May 1 and July 12. Share resources with your faculty members on contracts to help them choose.
Ensure that any earnings still due when an employment contract terminates early are successfully paid out with the correct funding.
To manage position funding between now and fiscal year-end, the “Apply to Next Fiscal Year” feature will be enabled beginning May 1.
Employees at risk of losing vacation leave need plenty of time to schedule leave. Help your employees plan for the June 30 leave carryover deadline by ensuring correct leave balances.