This automated nightly process will flag the primary job for employees with more than one position. Learn more about this project and how to exclude certain employees.
Template-based Transactions are coming to three functions on Nov. 9.
Expect minimal changes when pulling reports
CU Careers is upgrading to Fluid Recruiting starting Aug. 25. Be on the lookout for updated guides and online learning resources.
A system upgrade will occur on July 20. Ensure biweekly uploads are submitted by 5 p.m. July 19.
The June 7 upgrade will streamline processes, improve functionality and create a better user experience. CU Careers usage will not be affected.
Skillsoft upgraded on June 15. Let your employees know by displaying throughout your office.
To help us make a seamless transition to HCM this fall, we need you to check if you have the correct browsers and applications configured on your desktop.
Staff need to update phone numbers before the security upgrade this summer.
The university has launched a two-year upgrade to its Finance and Human Resources Management systems that will greatly improve your workflows.