With the 2023 tax year ending and the spring semester about to begin, it’s important to remind international employees and students who receive compensation and/or stipend payments through HCM to schedule an appointment with the International Tax Office as soon as possible.
Set your working retirees up for success — not following university guidelines can have serious consequences for retiree benefits.
Learn more about the earnings code used for hourly student employees’ late pay.
Over the next two years, the university will test and implement the modern, user-friendly timekeeping platform Time and Labor.
Familiarize yourself with the new differences between the CU employee portal and the HCM portal.
To maintain an exempt status, the W-4 must be updated by Feb. 15.
Short-term disability changes allow Classified Staff options to use paid accrued leave to supplement the benefit paid by disability.
You can run comprehensive learning report through HCM to track completions in Skillsoft.