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Hiring a working retiree? Use revised guides to ensure a thorough and proper process

Employee Services recently released revised procedure guides for hiring working retirees into staff positions.

Two guides  — one for PERA retirees and one for CU 401(a) retirees—outline necessary procedures steps for hiring working retirees and ensuring all steps are taken to appropriately coordinate their retiree health, dental and life benefits. These procedures work in tandem with APS 5054 Hiring Retirees to Work in Staff Positions.

Each guide walks through processes including:

  • Hiring guidelines and appointments
  • Benefits
  • Job code options
  • Pay components
  • Time collection and state sick leave
  • Establishing retirement
  • Special considerations
  • Working retiree impacts to retiree benefits
  • Best practices for converting active employees to working retirees
  • Contact information for assistance

Hiring retirees outside of these guidelines may have negative or complex effects on a retiree’s benefits and retirement plan or reduce their social security benefits, so use this essential guide to set them up for success.

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