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Short-term disability benefits for Classified Staff will change July 1

Short-term disability benefits for University of Colorado Classified Staff will change on July 1, with updates to how paid leave factors into the benefit.

Eligible Classified Staff members are automatically enrolled in short-term disability, effective on the first day of their benefits eligibility. Premiums are paid by CU, and the income provided by the benefits is taxable when employees file a claim.

This benefit pays 60% of the first $3,850 of an employee’s weekly pre-disability earnings, up to a maximum weekly benefit of $2,310 before reduction of deductible income for a total of 180 days, minus a 30-day waiting period

Changes to the State of Colorado’s short-term disability benefits necessitated corresponding changes to the university’s short-term disability benefits for classified staff. 


  • During the 30-day waiting period before short-term disability benefits begin, employees are required to use accrued leave, including the use of accrued annual (vacation) leave once accrued sick leave has been exhausted.
  • Employees no longer need to exhaust their sick leave to begin receiving the short-term disability benefit.
  • When an employee is receiving disability payments, they may choose to augment the short-term disability benefit payment with accrued sick leave first, then annual (vacation) leave to make themselves whole, earning 100% of pre-disability earnings.

If an employee has been placed on furlough and is not eligible to use their sick or annual (vacation) time while furloughed, the waiting period will be 30 days, regardless of your accrued leave balance(s).

Review the plan document for details. For more information on short-term disability, visit the disability webpage for Classified Staff.


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