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POI Mass Termination Process begins March 22, two guides available to help users prepare

Person of Interest (POI) records that are active in HCM beyond their planned exit date will be inactivated during the monthly POI Mass Termination Process on March 22.

Identify expired records or reactivate a POI with these guides

Ensure POI records are inactivated correctly and walk through the process for reactivating a POI with the two step-by-step guides below.

Identifying POI Records for Extended Expiration
To ensure POI records are inactivated correctly, each campus department must run the POI report outlined in the Identifying POI Records for Extended Expiration guide to detect expired POI records and update them accordingly. 

Reactivating a Person of Interest (POI)
POI records inactivated during the mass termination process will lose their access to important software, systems and buildings. Use the Reactivating a Person of Interest guide to walk through the process of reactivating a terminated POI.

Update POI records regularly

The procedure to identify POI records for extended expiration should be completed on a regular basis. This will maintain the system and ensure POIs are inactivated correctly during future mass termination processes.

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