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Prepare for the Oct. 22 launch of new grants management/payroll funding controls

On Oct. 22, new grants management/payroll funding controls will be enabled. This change impacts funds 30, 31 and 35 only and includes HCM (funding entry and PETs), CU Marketplace, and Concur Travel and Expense.

In HCM, current controls do not enforce funding end date and project status validations, which allows payroll and non-personnel expenditures to process after an expired project end date. The lack of controls is a compliance exposure, which can result in negative impacts to our research by our sponsors.

The new controls are sponsored by the Controllers of each campus with full support from the Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Chief Information Officers (CIOs). The IT Governance Committee oversees this initiative.

Why do system-based controls need to be enabled?

These controls are being enabled for a variety of reasons:

  • Current controls are considered inadequate, which could result in compliance, financial and reputational risk for the University of Colorado.
  • Due to changes in federal legislation for the use of grant funds and policy changes from organizations like the National Institute of Health and National Science Foundation, more robust controls must be implemented.
  •  PeopleSoft 9.2 includes functionality that supports the prevention of behaviors that compromise our fiscal integrity.
  • Project status automation will streamline current manual business processes.

How will HCM and HCM users be affected?

Currently, users receive a warning for grants with funding end dates beyond the project end date. In the future, there will be a hard stop when users attempt to enter funding lines past the project end date, or do not include a funding end date.

To prepare for this transition, ensure you adhere to these guidelines:

  • Funding going to suspense is not a valid control.
  • Review project end dates. Confirm funding end dates are equal to, or less than, project end dates on all active position funding.
  • Create a CU Funding Entry to update funding when the funding end dates are greater than the project end date, or when a project end date exists and the funding end date is missing.

Please review the Funding Entry step-by-step guide to brush up on CU Funding Entry best practices and the Managing Funding Suspense step-by-step guide for information and strategies to avoid payroll in suspense.

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