Committee Members

IT Governance Committee

The IT Governance Committee is primarily comprised of the Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) from each campus and the System office.

Campus Name Title


Patrick O'Rourke

Carla Ho-a

Larry Levine

Marin Stanek

Interim Executive Vice Chancellor & Chief Operating Officer

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus

Terri Carrothers

Jennifer Sobanet

David Lowry

Laura Morris

Christopher Smith

Senior Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance (CFO)

Vice Chancellor Administration and Finance (CFO) (Denver)

Interim Chief Information officer (CIO) (Denver)

Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO) (Anschutz)

Technology Strategy Officer (Anschutz)


Chuck Litchfield

Harper Johnson

Vice Chancellor Administration & Finance (CFO)

Assistant Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer (CIO)


Todd Saliman

Kathy Nesbitt

Scott Munson

Jason Hunter

Dan Jones

Ed Mills

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Vice President of Employee and Information Services

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chief Information Officer (CIO) (Advancement)

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Chief Procurement Officer

Ultimately, the IT Gov. Committee is accountable to the University President and Board of Regents.

Project Management Advisory Committee

As part of the IT Governance initiative, the Project Management Advisory Committee (PMAC) was formed in June 2017. The group leverages project management best practices and industry standards, their collective experience, and consults with experts from campuses and/or System for specific topics as needed.

Campus Name Title


Brent Phillips

Associate Director of Project and Portfolio Management, OIT

Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus Chris Derry Program Manager for Project Management, Enterprise Application Services, OIT
UCCS Katie Parker IT Project Manager, OIT


Ridawn Cummings

Tricia Strating

Lara Ackerman

Senior Director, Project Management Office & Qualtiy and Process Services, UIS

Project Manager, Employee Services

Senior Manager of IT Change Management, UIS


Who selected the PMAC members?

The members of the PMAC were selected by the IT Governance Committee

How often does PMAC meet?

The team meets bi-weekly to establish, review, and discuss the specific project management activities and deliverables that must be completed by projects that fall under the IT Governance committee’s oversight.