A new query has been added to HCM and three job aids have been retired from the HCM Document Library. This provides users with the most recent contract date information and campus-specific contract dates.
The next wave of HCM development will take place this December, and will focus on Hire, Rehire, Additional Job and some retroactive changes to Transfer. Learn more about the teams who are working to make the project a success, what’s changing and more.
Please ensure you use the new naming convention for pay run IDs, which will take effect by the next biweekly payroll.
Making a pay rate changes to contracts? Use these tips and resources when completing these entries.
Finalizing these tasks by the 10th of each month helps ensure any additional downstream updates can be completed in time for payroll.
The September monthly payroll and PET processing has been completed and payroll registers are now available.
New grants management/payroll funding controls launch Oct. 22. See what’s changing and ways you can begin preparing.
Submit your Job Data entries by the 10th of the month to avoid multiple benefit deductions and deductions taken in error from employees.
Share this information with your new employees so they understand how to complete important tasks.
A variety of learning resources have been updated, condensed and retired as a result of recent My Leave enhancements.