Follow these six steps to ensure you’re ready for the beginning of the new fiscal year.
Take a look at what’s changed and learn your way around the new layout.
Two enhancements were recently implemented to make navigation to favorite pages and the Transaction Query more streamlined.
The HCM Systems Team is working on a solution to current system slowness.
While a fix is being researched, users should ensure they review their entries for accuracy.
The scheduled June 1 ePAR update has been moved to May 29 to address ongoing issues.
Campus node prompts were added to 13 queries found on the HCM Query List, and will be added to additional queries as needed.
From initial planning to end user support after the release, see what it took to make recent Person of Interest and Transfer changes a success, and learn more about the second set of changes that will occur in December.
A fix was implemented to address issues caused when Business Unit and Department fields were not completed while creating, maintaining or adding a POI relationship.
Employee Services is in the process of combining four queries to reduce duplication in the HCM Query List.