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Campus node prompts added to 13 queries, more to follow

Employee Services is currently reviewing the HCM Query List for enhancements and has added campus node prompts to the following queries:

  • Funding Distribution (CUES_HCM_FUNDING_DISTRIBUTION)
  • Job List (CUES_HCM_JOB_LIST)
  • Payroll Register Acct Detail (CUES_HCM_PAYROLL_REGISTER_DTL)
  • Vacant Positions (CUES_HCM_VACANT_POSITION)
  • Personnel Roster (CUES_HCM_PERSONNEL_ROSTER)
  • Payroll Register (CUES_HCM_PAYROLL_REGISTER)
  • Training Report (CUES_HCM_TRAINING_REPORT)
  • Dept Personnel & Org Roster (CUES_HCM_PERSONNEL_ORG)
  • Leave Accruals (CUES_HCM_LEAVE_ACCRUALS)
  • Paycheck Distribution (CUES_HCM_PAYCHECK_DISTRIBUTION)
  • Personnel Actions History (CUES_HCM_PERSONNEL_ACTNS_HIST)
  • Department Information (CUES_HCM_DEPT_INFO)

Node prompts will be added to additional queries as necessary.

Access these queries

To access these queries, follow this path: HCM Community Users > HCM WorkCenter > Resources tab > HCM Queries (on the left-hand side of the screen). Choose Query Manager to search all queries or scroll to the bottom of the list and select Click here for ALL.

Review how to access and run queries by walking through this step-by-step guide or watching this webinar.

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