Employees who work outside of Colorado should check their mailing addresses, pay advice and withholdings to ensure their taxes withheld are accurate.
Be sure to complete these tasks before Sept. 10 for monthly payroll processing.
Production and Stage environments in CU Careers will be down for a 12-hour maintenance window rather than a 6-hour window.
Teams are working on finalizing the August monthly payroll.
See why new grants management/payroll funding controls are being enabled in HCM, how HCM will be impacted and review guidelines you should be following to prepare for the change.
Take a look at these important tips and dates prior to placing students on contracts this fall.
Now that the leave sweep is complete, run these reports to review current leave balances.
Review how to set up new faculty and student contracts.
Follow these simple steps to ensure you avoid making a common error while entering a Person of Interest in the system.
Encourage your new international employees to book an appointment with CU’s international tax specialists, then review tips you’ll need to know about for the hiring season.