Make sure you’re ready by reviewing these changes.
See how contract entry is changing, then review important information and reminders.
Changes to Hire approvals are on the way. Prepare with reminders and see how Automatic Approval and Route to Requestor will enhance the process.
Start wrapping up your year-end payroll by completing important tasks and reviewing reminders. Plus, learn more with our webinar.
These steps and reminders will guide you through changing salaries, terminating jobs and making pay rate changes to contracts of academic year professors who are leaving when the fall semester ends.
Take a look at the new Transaction Launch Page, get an overview of new processes for entering Hire, Rehire and Additional Job transactions and learn about training opportunities.
Teams are working diligently to identify affected positions and job records.
Use these tips and guides when completing contract pay rate changes.
See why the Do Not Send a Request status is being removed from My Leave and learn about how future changes will streamline the timesheet review process.
The HCM upgrade arrives this December: Learn about affected procedures, view exciting new features and preview the updated Hire, Rehire and Additional Job processes.