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What’s changing with Hire, Rehire and Additional Job processes?

The HCM upgrade arrives this December. Get an overview of how Hire, Rehire and Additional Job processes will be changing.

What will stay the same?
Tasks and information needed prior to completing a hire will not change with this upgrade. Before transactions are initiated, users must ensure the position and funding are prepared. Review what’s needed for a hire in the graphic below.

Items to Prepare before Transaction

What will be affected by the upgrade?
The upgrade will affect the following processes:

  • The current Hire ePAR form will be removed.
  • A new Transaction Launch Page will guide users to the correct template.
  • The Transfer transaction will be updated to maintain alignment with Hire, Rehire and Additional Job.

New features for users

  • A different look and feel
  • Streamlined navigation for faster transaction time
  • Position information will populate automatically when the Position number is entered in the template
  • A Transaction Launch Page that takes users to templates
  • Attachments can be added to the templates
  • Expanded use of the Related Content functionality
  • Integration with applicant tracking systems Taleo and Avature (used by CU Boulder) for information gathered during recruiting
  • Comments (Job Notes) go to Job Data
  • System validations to prevent contract set-up errors (such as an overlapping contract) before the transaction is saved
  • An updated Transfer template that matches Hire, Rehire and Additional Job

Preview the new Hire, Rehire and Additional Job processes

New Transaction Processes

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