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Take your first look at December’s HCM upgrade

In December, new HCM development will focus on streamlining navigation and data entry for Hire, Rehire and Additional Job processes. We are also making some changes to Transfer functionality rolled out in April to ensure consistency. The upgrade is a continuation of work that took place this spring.

Why are more changes being made?

Removal of Smart ERP remains a high priority for the University of Colorado. By using PeopleSoft HCM’s out-of-the-box functionality as much as possible, we minimize the effect vendor updates have on our systems and operations. We also ensure that PeopleSoft continues to support us when we have issues within the system.

This transition also enables us to take advantage of functions and features within HCM that streamline business processes.

What are the benefits of this upgrade?

Smart ERP forms must be removed, which allows for changes to improve HCM functionality’s usability. As in Release 1 last spring, the solution leverages templates in order to streamline data entry. The upgrade brings the following benefits:

  • A Hire transaction launch page guiding users to the correct template.
  • Faster transaction times when entering Hire data.
  • Enhanced availability of related content and related action (introduced in the spring).
  • Decreased data entry by auto-populating editable hire information on the template.
  • A lookup table to ensure proper dates populate for commonly used contract terms. Compensation Rate, Comp Rate Code and Compensation Frequency will populate automatically, and users will still have the ability to enter specific dates for off-cycle contracts.
  • The approval workflow will include an option to pushback.
  • Notes go to Job Data comments.
  • Integration with applicant tracking systems Taleo and Avature.
  • Informative soft warning messages.
  • Rehire and Transfers will have an overlapping contract warning.
  • A Transfer template will be available from the Launch Page.

What else do I need to know?

Pay Rate Change, Additional Pay and NPP are not part of this upgrade. In addition, some aspects of navigation will be substantially different from what users are used to:

  • Approval workflow steps may not be as intuitive – we will ensure there is robust training and reference material.
  • When a transaction is complete, the system takes users back to where they started with the same person. User will need to close the browser tab, and the transaction launch page will remain open in a separate tab.
  • The search results page does not refresh automatically. When users search for a person to hire, the search results display, they complete their transaction, then save and submit the transaction. The original search results page will stay open, but will not show the new hire transaction until F5 is pressed (refreshes the page).

As the go-live date approaches, training sessions and resources will be available to ensure you are ready for these changes and processes. 

How were the HCM changes decided on?

Several important teams are working together to make this project a success.

The cross-campus project team, made up of campus HR subject matter experts and system administration project members, determined requirements and prioritized system updates. Through months of weekly cross-campus meetings, the team reached consensus on the most important features and processes to address systematically and partnered on ensuring effective functionality for campuses.

After priorities were determined, the recommendations were given to the Steering Committee, which signed off on the formal decision. Earlier this year, the committee split into two governance groups, one focusing on HCM and the other on Grants. The HCM group is made up of many voices, with campus CHROs holding the authority to sign off on key decisions and playing an integral role in guiding the work that goes into HCM’s stabilization.

The IT Governance Committee oversaw this project, provided critical funding and appointed the Steering Committee members.

To learn more about these teams, visit the HCM Community website

More information is coming soon

More information will be released soon. Please watch for additional updates and save the date messages for training sessions. Please contact your campus Change Manager with questions or concerns.

Campus Changer Manager Email
CU Denver | Anschutz Sharon Grant
CU Boulder Quiana Martin
CU Colorado Springs and System office Lara Ackerman

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