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New pay run ID naming convention takes effect by next biweekly payroll

A new naming convention for pay run IDs will take effect by the next biweekly payroll (PPE 9/22/18), which processes at the end of this week, and the next monthly payroll (PPE 10/31/18). 

The codes will start with BW for biweekly payrolls and MN for monthly payrolls, followed by the numbers in the PPE date. These IDs will always be eight characters. Examples are provided below:

  • The Biweekly PPE 09/22/18 pay run ID is BW092218
  • The Monthly payroll PPE 10/31/18 pay run ID is MN103118
  • The Monthly payroll PPE 01/31/19 would have the pay run ID MN013119

If you are asked for a run ID, please use this new format, as the system will no longer recognize the old run IDs.

If you have questions or need assistance, please email or call 303-860-4200, option 2.

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