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Prepare for HCM upgrade with structured labs, webinars

This December, navigation and data entry for Hire, Rehire and Additional Job processes will be streamlined. Prepare for the changes by attending structured labs on your campus and watching webinars.

Structured labs

Structured labs will be held on CU campuses from Nov. 5 – 30. During labs, ask experts questions, review new processes for hiring, rehiring and assigning additional jobs using the new transaction launch page. Review these instructions before registering.


Learn more outside of labs with the following webinars:

  • Best Practices: Hire, Rehire, and Position Management (now available)
  • Changes to HCM: Hire, Rehire and Additional Job (coming Oct. 29)

Visit the HCM Community website to view full training schedules, watch webinars and register.

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