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HCM developments bring updated Social Security number policy for POI entries

April 14 POI changes will bring an updated Social Security Numbers Procedural Statement. Learn more about the policy changes, then visit the HCM Current Projects page to watch recorded webinars that cover topics regarding other POI and Transfer updates.

What’s changing?

Currently, users may enter a number beginning with 888 and the birthday of a POI without a Social Security number (SSN) at the time of entry into HCM. 

On April 14, a new policy will require users to enter the SSN for POIs if the user has it, but it is not required unless the POI is a security type (00015) or pre-employment type (00013). If the SSN has not been obtained at the time of entry, the field should be left blank. A valid SSN must be entered within 30 days of entry into HCM.

The updated policy will be available here on April 14.  

Catch up on other POI and Transfer changes with recorded webinars

Need to catch up on other upgrades that are on the way? Watch recorded POI and Transfer webinars on the HCM Current Projects page.


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