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Is your funding expiring at the end of July? Complete these tasks to prevent funding suspense.

During the recent Fiscal Year (FY) rollover process, 7-1-2018 funding rows with funding end dates of 7-31-2018 were created for positions that had FY18 Department Budget Table rows with funding end dates of 6-30-2018 or earlier.

To prevent payroll for these positions from going to suspense, complete the following tasks:

  1. Run funding suspense queries to find expiring or expired funding.
  2. Verify all positions with incumbents with biweekly payroll in July or monthly payroll in August have active funding for upcoming pay periods.
  3. For those who support awarded grants, confirm that any payroll funded by grants has a funding end date that is before, or equal to, the project end date. This will ensure you are prepared for changes coming to Grants compliance on Oct. 22. If you have questions, please contact your campus Change Manager: 

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    Sharon Grant                        Quiana Martin             Lara Ackerman

Learn more
To learn more about how funding is managed, what suspense is as well as how it is prevented and fixed, review the Manage Funding Suspense step-by-step guide.

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