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Expired funding? Perform these tasks to prevent funding suspense

The recent Fiscal Year (FY) rollover created FY20 rows for all active positions and copied the max effective dated row from FY19, including any funding end dates.

Next steps

Confirm funding and prevent payroll from going to suspense by completing the tasks below:

  1. Run the CUES_HCM_FUNDING_DISTRIBUTION and CUES_HCM_FUNDING_SUSPENSE queries. Use the following path to access the queries: CU Resources Home > Business Tools > HCM > HCM Community Users > HCM WorkCenter tile > Resources tab > scroll down and select Click here for ALL > click Funding Distribution and/or Funding Suspense Current Row.
  2. Verify all positions with incumbents have active funding for upcoming pay periods.

CU Funding Entry page ‘Apply to Next Fiscal Year’ disabled

Prior to FY20, the ‘Apply to Next Fiscal Year’ functionality was available on the CU Funding Entry page, allowing funding created in one fiscal year to continue into the next. This functionality is no longer available as payroll is now only updated for FY20 pay periods.

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