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Set goals for university staff, then prepare for classified staff evaluations with LinkedIn Learning resources

The performance cycle for university staff has ended and the classified staff performance cycle ends March 31, which means it’s time to start setting goals and preparing to review employees’ accomplishments and challenges.

Ensure you set goals for your university staff by the end of March and prepare for classified staff evaluations by reviewing important deadlines and learning resources below.

Mark your calendar for the following deadlines

  • April 1: The performance cycle begins. Classified staff must be evaluated before April 30.
  • May 1: All evaluations must be turned into your campus Human Resources office. In May, meet with classified staff to discuss goals for the year.
  • June 1: Submit a copy of the performance plan’s front page to your campus Human Resources office.

Note: Procedures differ by campus. please reach out to the BoulderDenverUCCS or System Human Resources offices for questions regarding your campus's performance management process. 

Access resources in LinkedIn Learning

By preparing for your appraisal meeting with your employees, you can ensure you both have a clear picture of their performance and goals and foster productive dialogue.Take a look at the new guide Resources for Performance Improvement to see learning options available in LinkedIn Learning that you can take advantage of to address and improve your skills.

To log into LinkedIn Learning, click here.

Resources for employees

Resources for supervisors



Defining and Achieving Professional Goals

​Giving and Receiving Feedback


Performance Management: Setting Goals and Managing Performance   

Improving Employee Performance

Learning path

Advance Your Skills as an Individual Contributor: Lead as an individual contributor by developing the skills that make you an invaluable asset to your team and organization.
Learning path

Become a manager: As a manager, success is predicated by your ability to achieve goals with your team. The good news is that management is a skill that can be learned. This path is designed to provide you with key considerations, skills and competencies to help you become and succeed as a manager.


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