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Link directly to a Skillsoft resource

In Skillsoft, users can access a Skillsoft resource through a deep link. Rather than sending a long step-by-step list to navigate to a resource in Skillsoft, deep links connect a user directly to the resource. When a user clicks a deep link, they are prompted to log on to the employee portal, then Skillsoft launches the course.

Deep links are not just limited to courses. Any type of asset, including a video or eBook, can be deep linked for direct access.

Here are just a few ways deep links can be used:

  • Mandatory Training Materials – Skillsoft contains most of the university’s mandatory training for departments. Deep link your department’s required training from an online guide or website to share with new employees for easy access.
  • Employee’s Performance Plan – Supervisors can deep link and share Skillsoft assets for their employees to complete as part of their professional growth.
  • External classroom materials for Faculty – Skillsoft not only holds mandatory training but has assets concerning well-being, business skills and more, and is available to all CU students. Skillsoft deep links are compatible within Canvas and can be embedded within modules and class content. Notify your faculty to add these supplementary materials to their Canvas classes.

Follow our new guide to learn how to deep link Skillsoft resources and share with others in your department. If you have additional questions, reach out to the Employee Learning & Development team at

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