Teams are working on finalizing the BW payroll.
Be sure to complete these tasks before Sept. 10 for monthly payroll processing.
Teams are working on finalizing the August monthly payroll.
A system upgrade will occur on July 20. Ensure biweekly uploads are submitted by 5 p.m. July 19.
Please review the following information prior to uploading biweekly payroll.
Run this query to identify employees who have exceeded the maximum amount of sick and vacation hours.
See what’s changed and review guidelines for submitting the form.
CU employees will not be affected by the state’s transition to a biweekly pay schedule.
See what new tax laws mean for paychecks and tax form availability. Plus, our payroll director suggests a tool to help employees determine how new tax rates will affect them.
University of Colorado employees paid monthly will now receive their June pay on the final business day of June, not on the first business day in July.