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Use these quick reports to locate HCM payroll data that has posted to FIN

Each payroll cycle, funding sources for each paycheck are applied during post-processing. Accounting lines are created and used to assemble a payroll journal, which is sent to the PeopleSoft Finance System (FIN).

You can use HCM payroll queries to confirm payroll within HCM, but there are also mFIN queries available to verify CU payroll data within FIN.

If, upon review, funding must be updated after payroll, use a Payroll Expense Transfer (PET). Once a PET is completed, HCM’s daily journals push the updated information to FIN.

Here are several CU Data mFIN reports to help you.

mFIN Report Description

m-Fin Compensation

Total compensation by employee/position, broken out between salary, benefits, and other. Includes the applicable benefits rate by position.

m-Fin Payroll

Detailed accounting for pay and benefits for an employee over a range of accounting periods. The final page displays the Compensation Summary.

m-Fin Outstanding

An itemized list of all expenses committed but not yet incurred for a given SpeedType or purchase order

m-Fin Financial Detail

An itemized list of all transactions for revenue, expense, and balance sheet accounts. Can be run with specific payroll account codes.

m-Fin SpeedType Summary

A simple one-line-per-SpeedType report showing budget, actuals, encumbrances, and available balance for a given period. (Use to confirm active SpeedTypes and project begin/end dates.)

m-Fin Account Tree List

Shows the account tree list at different levels.

m-Fin PET

Details of a Payroll Expense Transfer (PET). Search PETs by fiscal year, PET Operator, and PET Date.

Journal Entries

Search for legacy PETs created before December 2015.

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